So how come I haven’t been blogging? Is because I have not been getting any comments to blog about. I don’t know what you like to know. So please comment. BYE!!


Flappy Bird

What is the trick to Flappy bird. I have heard resent updates that the creator either canceled Flappy Bird or he committed suicide. If you can tell me in the comments what happened. THANKS!!!!!!


Hey guys it is me Elizabeth and I would like to tell you that I wold like to see comments on what do you want to read and you can say silent but deadly mean comments for me t learn off of. So if you can leave some comments on what you want to hear or leave little hurtful comments to learn off of. So thanks again!!!

Catch you later bye!

Welcome to my blog!!

Hey guys it’s me and I would like to welcome you to my blog!

I do tips here on word press, makeup tips and random ones too! I have a lot of fun making blogs telling you guys information!

I will always remember I love you guys and never stop ending blogging.

” If you don’t like what your doing then you are wasting you time”

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Hello to all you Jammers out there!! I play animal jam and all I want to do on there is find this hacker and get rid of him. I have found recent backup accounts from research and I found a lot of them. And maybe this Fman guys is a old 50 year old man trying to ruin kids fun!!


















storage account

I am taking a big risk for all of you and becoming buddy’s with him he has accepted one.

Come back soon for more updates.

For all of you people who don’t know what animal jam or for jammers who don’t know who Fman is i can tell you this NEVER OPEN A GIFT ON AJ THAT YOU DON’T KNOW!!!!!! Fman is a hacker and scammer and my advise stand don’t open a jam-a-gram from a jammer you don’t know. Okay? Please I am on to this Fman guy and once me and my friends find him.. it will be the END of fman. So jammers stay safe and know us jammer have your backs.

How do you know Fman has hacked you?:

How do you know I got the virus? Once you open the gift all you would get is a necklace. Then you account starts shutting down slowly. Soon enough after a year or so you animal would be a wolf and with red flames and a wording in your den saying ” Fman I will be back” Once you open the gift your account name goes straight to This stupied hacker guy.

How can I prevent this happening to me?: How you can prevent this happening to you is make a backup account and don’t open and gifts from jammers you don’t know.

I hoped you guys found this information helpful and I will catch you guys later . Have the internet be a safe place where you can have fun!!!!

Peace out friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I would like to say something.

Even though I didn’t know Claire I will always know that she was a good person and had a good soul. And all she was doing was trying to help and she got shot at 17. Now that is something you can’t forgive someone for. But I would forgive and hope that she will do good things no matter what. The reason why I doing this is to be nice and I feel something close inside me and Claire she rode horses and I did. And I hope she knows I wrote this because I am so much like her. It feels like we were sisters. But only at 17 why at such a young age?? And when god takes someone it is for a good reason. And he had a reason to take Claire. And now Claire knows why she left. She is in heaven riding horses on clouds being with beloved ones that she missed and all it is… one day when she looks up from playing she will find her horse standing there. And all the time she has been waiting her dream came true again.
R.I.P Claire WE LOVE YOU!!!!

Your love made a difference.



Hey guys it is me Elizabeth so the giveway happened and nobody commented on it. So the contest is over and i don’t know i have had a person win one of my giveways before but for some odd reason nobody commented and nobody wawin the awesome giveway I happened to do for the last 3 weeks. If I am sounding bossy to you please don’t think that I am not sure I will have a giveway in a couple weeks or months or y I in hock now. Thank you all for reading my blogs but Iess my other giveways were not importa. And I think I have something to blame for that I was not on as often as I was.But still I thought my other giveways were terrible because no one tried out for this one. I also may never do a giveway ever again because I never had a giveway that no one wated to win something. So the giveway is off the hok it was on the hook for 3 weeks but i guess to some people it was never a thing. Giveaway is off and please commet too. That may get my spirits up to have another giveway.

My friend taylor is still thinking about plans she is not on yet but I am sure when she comes then yu guys will comment and sorry thant for so long I was not good to impress you. sorry about the long story but hopeit made a dent in your mind just like the givewd mine.