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DO a favor for me, and check out a blog here on WordPress: The Best Films of Our Lives

It is great you could learn so much from it!!!!!! Check it out and post a comment on it!



Internet Exploror was hacked last night. By a high school. Kids broke into the computer system and hacked it. As alert. If you have Internet exploror please shut down your computer and don’t go on. Kindles and other small devices can be used. Stay safe at all time!


What is the big deal about Starbucks. Kids in schools have started bringing in Starbucks just for popularity! What a waste of 5 bucks! Star no use for star but bucks is right there in the title. Don’t waste money for popularity! Waste it for things that are not wasteful! Seriously!! Do it for yourself.

– Does it wake you up?

What does it do for you?

More to come on this post!

Quotes to have Inspration

Here are some really inspiring quotes. Also if you really want inspiration search up the song Living In The Hall Of Fame!! Really good song!! Get inspired here they are!!

– Nothing is Impossible the word itself says I’m Possible

– What if you woke up today with only the things that you thanked god for yesterday

– Happy moments, praise god, Difficult moments,seek god, Quiet moments, worship god, Painful moments, trust god, Every moment, thank god.

– Every night you go to bed smarter than you were when you woke up this morning.

I hope these quotes are inspiring. Remember one day you can feel as if you are capable of doing something huge once you understand you think ‘Wow why did I do this?” but you never ever learn if you don’t try! Enjoy!

April Fools

April fools was yesterday. What cool pranks did you pull on friends, parents, teachers etc. Please tell me in the comments below and what you would like for me to blog next!! Sooner or later I will be doing a Q and A!!! Also I will be doing tips for horse back-riding!! Read more for information!!

What To Do.. Oh What To Do

Hey Guys. So I am doing a beauty blog about what to do over spring break. Usually alot of beauty girls spend there spring break on the couch doing NOTHING!!! I have some ideas what you can do with your vacation!!

I for one will tell you about what I like to do and you can see what I like to do so you can see if you want to try it out!!!Here they are!!

– Practice on putting makeup

– Plan cool things

– Go get nails done

– Hang with friends

Sorry about this it was kind of a wing it. I try to do good blogs but this one was really weird and vague. I will get good blogs up when I have time!! You guys also need to get some comments to see what you would like me to do. I am no a sidekick! I need inspiration!!

QUOTE OF THE DAY: Sometimes I pretend to be normal, but it gets boring, so I go back to old me.

Hoped you guys liked it! Leave a comment down below I would love to hear somethings!!! Love you all Bye!!


Hey all you bloggers! I just wanted to tell you about the new and improved me!! I kind of upgraded myself. And what I mean by that is I am a totally different person. Now that spring and summer is coming I change throughout seasons! I have decided that I will tell you about what I like to do. What I do with myself,What I say to friends. And more!!!! So stay tuned!!

What I like to do with the new improved me!

– Wear Tanks and Shorts

– Spend most time outside

– Hang with friends

– Do more videos and blogging

– Hang more at the park and in front yard

That is a little about me!! Here are some of my rules I like on blogging, hanging with friends and more


– No bullying or comment wars

– NO swearing. especially saying the f word

– Don’t spam

– Nothing inappropriate

– no impostering

If any of these rules are disobeyed the comments will be deleted


– No bullying
– Agree with things
– Share things
– Invite one to come along
If any of these rules are disobeyed I strictly leave to go tell an adult even if begging not to

The thing also with my sister is that her friend is moving away from across the road and that friend of hers is copying me with my look, the way my room looks and more!!
If you also have trouble with this and you need advice, please leave a comment and I will do blog about it. I have some big news coming up too!! Stay tuned!

I hope you bloggers liked it and thank you so much for reading my blog. Please try to add a comment I would love to see my results. And the quote of the day is:

Sometimes the things we can’t change, end up changing us!

Thanks for reading…. BYE!