I would like to say something.

Even though I didn’t know Claire I will always know that she was a good person and had a good soul. And all she was doing was trying to help and she got shot at 17. Now that is something you can’t forgive someone for. But I would forgive and hope that she will do good things no matter what. The reason why I doing this is to be nice and I feel something close inside me and Claire she rode horses and I did. And I hope she knows I wrote this because I am so much like her. It feels like we were sisters. But only at 17 why at such a young age?? And when god takes someone it is for a good reason. And he had a reason to take Claire. And now Claire knows why she left. She is in heaven riding horses on clouds being with beloved ones that she missed and all it is… one day when she looks up from playing she will find her horse standing there. And all the time she has been waiting her dream came true again.
R.I.P Claire WE LOVE YOU!!!!

Your love made a difference.


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