Hey guys it is me Elizabeth so the giveway happened and nobody commented on it. So the contest is over and i don’t know i have had a person win one of my giveways before but for some odd reason nobody commented and nobody wawin the awesome giveway I happened to do for the last 3 weeks. If I am sounding bossy to you please don’t think that I am not sure I will have a giveway in a couple weeks or months or y I in hock now. Thank you all for reading my blogs but Iess my other giveways were not importa. And I think I have something to blame for that I was not on as often as I was.But still I thought my other giveways were terrible because no one tried out for this one. I also may never do a giveway ever again because I never had a giveway that no one wated to win something. So the giveway is off the hok it was on the hook for 3 weeks but i guess to some people it was never a thing. Giveaway is off and please commet too. That may get my spirits up to have another giveway.

My friend taylor is still thinking about plans she is not on yet but I am sure when she comes then yu guys will comment and sorry thant for so long I was not good to impress you. sorry about the long story but hopeit made a dent in your mind just like the givewd mine.

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