Just Be You!!!

Hey guys it’s me Elizabeth and I would like you to read how to remember to Just Be You!! I came up with this Blog so lets get started!

So a lot of girls in Middle school want you to act not you.So come to school looking exactly like them the day they told to not be you see how they feel. Also just be you if you like to be dirty witch is not me add mud to your face or dirt. BE YOU!! If you like to were jewelry then add tons of Jewelry then go into school. People will notice that you are being yourself then they will be them self. Remember its never to late to be yourself just try it for a day, and if people make fun of you then say “Well I am being myself who are you acting like?” don’t say it in a mean way say it in a way so they be them self.


I hoped you guys liked it and thanks for watching! BYE!!!

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