Boys,Boys,…CUTE BOYS!!!

Hey guys its me Elizabeth and I am here today for you to read how to dress for boys!! Okay so popular girls have cute boyfriends BIG deal. But I want to have you look for yourself how to. SO… lets get started…  Our first step is how to start out with makeup  pick a color to go with your outfit and give it a little spice add your own personal touch go with some light lip gloss so you don’t have a big bright color for your lips. Then add a little big of foundation to cover up those dark circles. Then add some light blush to your face so you don’t look sick or like a vampire. And that’s all for makeup!!!  Moving on to step two like I said in the beginning just be you pick a outfit to go with your makeup. Add your own personal touch you don’t have to be someone you don’t want to. No boy is worth changing over.                                                   I hope this Blog will make a difference and If it does not work the first time then try again it make take time.

I hoped you guys like this and thanks for reading BYE!!!

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